Drinking from a acrylic tumbler is both elegant and stylish. These are the kind of drinking plastic mugs every home need. Going to the market one would think all they need to pick out are the colors and select a brand to go with. Maybe the toughest choice one would have to make is deciding whether to go with just a couple of tumblers or several dozens. Choosing the right tumbler cups, however, requires that one know whether they want glass, acrylic of plastic made ones. This choice is tougher than it may seem because one will have to look into the benefits of each material because they will all look the same and they will all perform the same tasks. So why use of acrylic tumbler? What benefits does it hold for you as a home or restaurant owner?



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What is acrylic?

Before we begin telling you about its advantages, it is prudent that we touch on what it is. Acrylic is a plastic that is manufactured using one or several derivatives of acrylic acid. There are wider rages of acrylic polymer grades that are used in manufacture of acrylic cups depending on how the user wants the cups to look- transparent, translucent and even opaque. It will also vary depending on whether one wants the cups colored or not.

BPA free plastic.

Acrylic tumbler is usually made of multiple layers of minerals which are sometimes separated with a plastic laminate. This will usually lead to yellowing after some time when exposed to UV rays. To be on the safe side, and to protect the aesthetic value of your tumbler, ensure you purchase acrylic made without BPA free.



When you are hosting a party, you need to make it easier to get drinks to the attendees without getting too tired from all you will be doing. Glass cups is denser than acrylic cups and thus a lot heavier. Depending on the type of glass and the company that manufactured it, glass is between 4-b 10 times heavier that acrylic. It s therefore easier to transport acrylic tumblers than it is to transport glass tumbler. You therefore do not need as much manpower when buying or renting cartons of glasses and moving the drinks around during the party. Its lightweight means that there is less strain on the surface where the tumblers are kept.


Breaking and cracking

It is impossible to count the number of glass items that break in homes especially when children are involved. Even when children are not handling the glasses, sometimes placing many of them in the sink while cleaning will break quite a number. This only proves how easy it is to break glass. With acrylic tumbler, one can be at ease because it takes a lot more pressure and impact to break tumbler made of acrylic plastic.

This fact is great for home owner with children or those where glasses keep breaking for no reason at all. Bar and restaurant owners could also benefit from this quality of acrylic tumbler because they will not have to suffer as much lose when there is a fight in the bar or the waiters drop glasses as they try to carry too many of them at once. Now it is easier to enjoy the same set of tumblers in your home for years.



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There is no denying that glass is rigid. This rigidity makes it impossible to make it into many different shapes. When glass is made into a fancy shape that is not rectangular, it has a tendency to curve light making the objects that are on the other side of the glass appear smaller or bigger than they actually are. You can see this when you look at a person from a glass made tumbler.

Acrylic on the other hand is very easy to mold into many different shapes because it is not dense. It can be molded into shapes with names and those without names that are made from the imagination of the molder. Acrylic does not bend a lot of light and so the chances of getting a distorted image are narrowed to almost none. This makes it perfect for using in the home and when on that date because it will not give your date ideas of how you would look if you were an alien from outer space.



The materials required to make glass are more than the materials required to make acrylic. Although tempered glass does not need to be as thick as non tempered glass, it is still thicker than acrylic. So cups need to be very thick to support the amount of weight that is supported by acrylic. Therefore an acrylic tumbler is not likely to break when it falls and it is full of liquid but glass will definitely break.



When it comes to clarity, acrylic is superior to glass. While glass allows approximately 80% of light to go through it, acrylic can allow more than 92% of light. This together with allowing optimal viewing makes acrylic more clearer than glass. It also allows a lot of natural light to pass through it. So much so, glass sometimes seems milky when compared to acrylic. This will make your tumblers look clearer and more inviting to drink from. It helps improve the general aesthetic value of your tumblers.


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