The increasing cost of advertising a business has compelled businesses of all levels to use various types of promotional products, including insulated mugs, BPA free bottles, clear plastic cups and acrylic drinkware, for promoting their business efficiently and cost-effectively. Though various products are used for this purpose but logoed coffee mugs are among the most popular promotional products used for this purpose these days. The reasons behind choosing the mugs for this purpose are briefly described here under for your consideration.


Swell bottle

Swell Logo on the bottle.

Inexpensive and easy way to promote a business: The logo of the business on the mugs attracts everyone seeing them as they increase the curiosity of the viewers to know about the logo and its company. Along with good photo of the logo, funny sayings printed on these mugs also attract onlookers. Moreover logoed mugs provide more exposure to the business brand as they are widely used by people than any other promotional product.


Improve sales: The promotional coffee mugs or clear plastic cups with logo print help in boosting the sales of the company better than other options. The use of logoed mugs compels others to assume that the persons using them are promoting the company as they trust on it. Moreover sometimes companies distribute mugs free to attract more people towards their products and services. These free gifts also encourage people to visit the company’s stores to get more offers there.


Increase loyalty of the customers: The customers usually remain loyal to the company that offers free gifts with every purchase. Similar is the condition with the company that offers free insulated mugs with the purchase of certain amount of its products. Such gifts also ensure the stability of the company in the market as the unstable companies cannot afford to offer free gifts like this. It also helps in improving the image of the company in customer’s mind which makes them loyal to the company. He only visits the store repeatedly but also convinces others for at least a visit by telling them the qualities of the company.


Long-term impact: Another reason to use promotional mugs or BPA free bottles is their longer shelf life than a TV advertisement. TV advertisement is not an inexpensive option as they have to spend lots of money to show an advertisement for few seconds every time. Though TV advertisements on national channels cover up wider area more effectively but they cannot provide long term advertisement to the company as a coffee mug can. It alerts the user, about the existence of the company, every time he uses it.

Tumbler Cups

STARBUCKS Logo on the tumbler

Short term impact: The logoed promotional mugs also have short term impact on the sale of the company as they help in boosting its business instantly. Any other promotional item may not show such an instant effect on any business. Moreover their reasonable price as compared to other items also helps the company to use it consistently for promoting its business.


Logo mugs can promote a business in four ways


Through employees: A company can promote the name of its business very quickly by offering logo mugs to its employees as free gift. These mugs can be used to spread your business to vast number of people, even if they have never purchased anything from your store. So instead of giving them to your customers only you can also give them as bonus to your employees. It will promote your business among the family and friends of your employee who will drink coffee in them or even just see them.


laser on tumbler

Laser on tumbler

Giveaways to the customers: you can also give these logoed insulated mugs to the customers who have spent some money to buy something from your store. Such free gifts with purchase are usually liked by every customer. They become more curious to buy certain items you want to promote to get such gifts again and again, especially when the offer is for limited period. New businesses can also use such mugs to invite people to make the opening of their store grand. The offer can become more interesting if you add some terms and conditions with it like the coffee mug will be given free to first hundred customers. Such offers can also attract people who search curiously for new stores but may not be interesting to buy something. In this situation your free mug will give double benefit to your business one as the arrival of new customer and secondly the sale of your products.


B2B promotion: You can advertise your business more speedily by offering logoed coffee mugs free to the vendors. The vendors of other companies have contact with other businesses along with hundreds of other people with whom they meet every month. This mug will encourage the vendor to use it even while working with other people or within his own company. In this way he will be spreading information about your company even if he is not directly linked with it.


Promotion in community events: By distributing logoed acrylic drinkware or coffee mugs in community events you can easily bring in new customers to your store. Suppose a community organises a social event and with due permission of the organisers you distribute your logoed mugs to all the people attending that event. It will attract people to your business as they will consider it as your contribution towards their community which they can take to their home. This type of promotion benefits everyone including the community and its members.


In this way by giving away free logoed coffee mugs or other kinds of promotional products, including insulated mugs, BPA free bottles, clear plastic cups and acrylic drinkware to the customers, vendors and the employees a small business can gain lots of benefits without effecting its budget greatly. They can potentially improve the growth of their business by making very little effort in this form of free gifts. It may or may not have an attractive saying on it to attract people towards it but it must have company’s logo with contact details so that one can contact you, when required.


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