Phone Real


Yeti tumbler

If you have a phone or artwork with intricate details,Photo Real is the answer.Similar t the transfer method,Phone Real uses very fine halftones and an expanded color range to capture the sharpness of the design and then to transfer it to the product.if and exact PMS match is needed,spot colors may be required at an additional cost.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving gives your logo a clean,polished appearance by precisely etching the logo into the material’s surface,It’s perfect on metal items including Vacuum Flask/Travel Mugs.




Multi-color logos are applied to products though the use of transfers.Your logo is first reverse-screened onto a paper like transfer material and then applied to the material’s surface with heat and pressure.It’s ideal for bold,colorful logos with sharp lines.

Vacuum Bottle

Swell Bottle


Perfect for single color logos,silkscreen printing involves pressing ink though a fine mesh screen and onto a product’s surface.It’s an economical way to gain high visibility.

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