Why use of acrylic tumbler?

Drinking from a acrylic tumbler is both elegant and stylish. These are the kind of drinking plastic mugs every home need. Going to the market one would think all they need to pick out are the colors and select a brand to go with. Maybe the toughest choice one would have to make is deciding whether to go with just a couple of tumblers or several dozens. Choosing the right tumbler cups, however, requires that one know whether they want glass, acrylic of plastic made ones. This choice is tougher than it may seem because one will have to look into the benefits of each material because they will all look the same and they will all perform the same tasks. So why use of acrylic tumbler? What benefits does it hold for you as a home or restaurant owner?   Starbucks plastic mug What [...]

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Different decoratior ways we supply to you!

Phone Real Yeti tumbler If you have a phone or artwork with intricate details,Photo Real is the answer.Similar t the transfer method,Phone Real uses very fine halftones and an expanded color range to capture the sharpness of the design and then to transfer it to the product.if and exact PMS match is needed,spot colors may be required at an additional cost. Laser Engraving Laser engraving gives your logo a clean,polished appearance by precisely etching the logo into the material's surface,It's perfect on metal items including Vacuum Flask/Travel Mugs.     Transfer Multi-color logos are applied to products though the use of transfers.Your logo is first reverse-screened onto a paper like transfer material and then applied to the material's surface with heat and pressure.It's ideal for bold,colorful logos with sharp lines. Swell Bottle Silkscreen Perfect for single color logos,silkscreen printing involves pressing ink [...]

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Earth-friendly Reusable Mugs

16 OZ Acrylic Tumbler Everyone is always on the run, myself included. If you’re like me, you may have a good collection of not just mugs, but also travel mugs. Not only can  you bring your drink of choice with you whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea, but you can also do your part in going green. Millions of people use paper cups each year while drinking their coffee or tea and only so little of these cups are cycled. The rest end up in landfills. The good news is that we can do something to reduce the amount of waste. Starbucks plastic mug A growing trend in reusable mugs is that they have a section to put fruit in so you infuse your water (or iced tea!). I have been eyeing one of these [...]

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